hi! my name is syd. i'm 23 years old, i'm queer, and i use they/them pronouns. i'm in library school but i'm taking a break after this semester because grad school is hard actually (shocker). i joined neocities in october 2022 when a friend told me about it because i have always loved the internet but my hatred of social media grows stronger every single day and i wanted a place of my own.

while i wasn't around for the wild west days on the internet, i remember before it became the capitalist hellscape it is today. for as long as i can remember i've wanted to have my own place on the web, and that is becoming increasingly difficult these days. i started teaching myself basic html in middle school for tumblr and forums - i was kind of a big deal signature maker on the scholastic forums so clearly i was born to be a programmer lmao. when covid shut down my university, my job at the library wanted to keep me busy even though i couldn't work in the actual library, so i got the chance to take a bunch of online coding classes, and now i have a fairly solid understanding of html, css, and css flexbox, plus just enough javascript to confuse myself, so i figured that making a website on here would be a great way to put my skills to use, make new friends, and build a weird little place for myself.

i have no ideas what i'm doing here tbh. i've always been interested in blogs but idk if i actually want to do that. i'd love to build some shrines to things i love, so i'll probably start there. i'd also love to make an art page. i used to make so much art, but mental illness plus social media brain rot has made that harder and harder for me, and i'd love for this to be a space where i can cultivate that part of myself again. i'd especially be interested in how i can use the power of frontend coding to make weird art. i think ideally this will be a digital garden, less a blog and more interwoven pages of creative interests that i water and fertilize and prune and plant as i see fit.

Background image credit: Mobiusgirl, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons