things i made

hand painted graduation cap from when i completed my bachelor's. acrylic paint, 2021.

freehand hot pink granny square top. crochet w/ acrylic, 2021.

champagne problems collage. mixed media, 2021.

freehand pastel rainbow sweater. crochet w/ acrylic, 2020.

handbound leather grimoire (that i never actually used). coptic binding with leather and watercolor paper, 2020.

dirty for an unpublished zine. mixed media, 2020.

tapestry woven with handspun yarn. wool and acrylic, 2020.

Tigerlily, colored pencil and watercolor, 2020.

Midsommar's a knife, graphite and ink, 2019.

untitled. mixed media, 2019.

Ralsei plush made the night Deltarune chapter one came out. crochet (amigurumi) w/ acrylic yarn, 2018.

rainy girl. self portrait, marker, 2018.

Kintsugi, graphite and ink, 2018.

handspun yarn. wool, 2018.

sheer jacket with rainbow trim for Knox Pride 2018. not pictured: the innumerable bugbites i got during this photoshoot.

portrait of my sweet dog, Ruby. Colored pencil and white gel pen, 2018.